From time to time we all need a different way to look at things. This group is helpful with learning new ways of coping with life's issues . Each group is exciting and offers an array of multi-media presentations to engage you and spark conversation. 

Take Back Your Power

This groups is specific for our female clients. Women talk together about women’s issues. They explore and encourage each other to let your best self emerge while learning to respect who you are. The group focuses on the impact on everyday life, body, including body image, and sexuality, impact on relationships and developing healthy relationships, working through family issues, identifying and reducing stress, and healing above all. Together you can process as a group and develop new techniques to see yourself without judgement. Learn to take back your power! 

Breaking the Chains of Trauma

In the U.S., 61% of men and 51% of women have reported exposure to at least one lifetime traumatic event.  The cost of unresolved trauma, to individuals and to society, is incalculable. This group is designed to assist you though the process of making sense of a time in your life that seems out of control and senseless. The group members work with a facilitator to empower each other to face their internal struggles in a safe and nurturing environment. Separate groups are available for men and women.

Parenting and Family Values

Some parents lack a sense of what many people would consider basic parenting skills, but are capable of being good parents if they learn these skills. This group is designed to help participants develop parenting skills and assess values related to family. Clients confront their parenting skills and habits, perform a clarification on their values regarding family, and establish appropriate discipline routines. 

An Alternative Way Out

American juvenile courts handle nearly 2 million cases of juvenile delinquency each year. Without intervention, many of these young offenders will spend their entire lives involved in crime and incarceration. Juvenile rehabilitation is an important piece of the criminal justice system, helping underage offenders and juvenile substance abusers turn their lives around. Our juvenile program has 16 steps, with 12 of these typically completed in 30 group sessions. Juvenile clients complete homework for each group prior to coming to a session. In the groups the clients learn to build trust in a healthy manner and learn the valuable life alternatives. The workbooks and group materials have been been adapted to meet the attitudes and developmental skills of juveniles. The groups are appropriate for male and female participants.

Bringing Peace to Relationships

An estimated 2 million Americans are assaulted each year by an intimate partner, which often leads to lifetime trauma and disorder for victims. Rehabilitation for those who perpetrate domestic violence is an important tool in reducing this immense problem. The domestic violence program is divided in 24 modules with each module completed in a group session. groups are open-ended, meaning that new clients can enter an ongoing group at any time. Each group session will usually have new clients as well as some finishing the program. This group can satisfy the requirements for Batterer's Intervention.

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